Officers & Trustees

READ: President Dittloff’s Report
from the Oct. 19, 2017 Meeting

PRESIDENT Larry Dittloff
Co-Chair: Streets & Signs Committee
Co-Chair: Compliance Committee
VICE-PRESIDENT Darrelyn Nuesca
Chair: Architectural Committee


Enforcement/Compliance: Ed Obie, Chair
Lisa Greeley, Tom Lavack and Larry Dittloff

Architectural Review: Darrelyn Nuesca, Chair
Jayne Bradley, Christina Tremper, and Larry Dittloff

Streets and Signs: Larry Dittloff and Randy Luke

Ad-Hoc Neighborhood Watch: Gabriel Robinson, Chair

The Welcome Committee: Doug Colby, Chair will be working with Vantage Communities Management to provide helpful information and copies of the CC&Rs and ByLaws to new owners. The Board is greatly appreciative of Mr. Colby’s efforts, as we have been looking for a volunteer for this position for over a year.

Are you interested in contributing to our community by serving on a committee? If so, please contact President Larry Dittloff for more information about how to get involved.


We’ve been asked to clarify the roles that each of the officers and trustees have and who to contact for what. Here goes…

Larry Dittloff, President (oversees and coordinates the activities of all the board) and Co-Chair of the Streets & Signs Committee and a member of the Compliance Committee. He also serves by working with Vantage Communities Management to ensure consistent, professional management of CCGCE.

Darrelyn Nuesca, Vice President (oversees and coordinates the activities of all the board when President Larry Dittloff is unavailable.) She is also Chair of the Architectural Committee. (This committee considers requests from residents for changes or additions to home or property and approves or suggests changes).

Ed Obie, Secretary maintains & updates community master list in coordination with Vantage Communities Management.

Randy Luke, Treasurer (responsible for all aspects of communities finances and directing Vantage Communities Management to ensure compliance.)

Tom LaVack, Trustee and member of the Compliance Committee and Co-Chair of the Street & Signs Committee. Tom’s years of serving as President gives our HOA the benefit of his long-time expertise.

The Board and its officers would like to sincerely thank Bob Moore, who resigned in May 2016 as a Trustee and Chair of the Architectural Committee. Over the years, he worked tirelessly on projects to benefit our community. Thank you, Bob, and best wishes for a well-deserved retirement.

Do you need to contact the Board
or Committee Chair?
Pay your Dues?
Request an Architectural Approval?

We are now centrally connected through Vantage Communities Management, an administrative office in Lacey, WA— hired by the Board to service to you and our community. Vantage will track community enforcement, collect dues, route communication to the Board and work to ensure all enforcement with the CC&RS. If you have any questions or need to contact an Officer or Committee Chair, here’s how*:

Vantage Communities Management
P.O. Box 8909
Lacey, WA, 98509
(360) 455.4464
(360) 455.8253

*Please Note: A call-back may take from 24-48 hours. Your patience is appreciated.