President Dittloff Presents The 2017 Annual Election & Meeting Agenda

Download and Print this Agenda. Note: you will need a FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to use this file.

President’s Report following Board Meeting of October 19, 2017

By President Larry Dittloff These are not official Board Minutes but rather my random thoughts following the meeting Members Present: Dittloff, Nuesca, Obie, Tremper, Luke, and Greeley Members Absent: LaVack and Bradley Architectural Compliance Committee: Applications have slowed down now that we are into Autumn. The Committee is being consistent with State Laws and following the CCRs with reviews taking…

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President Dittloff Presents The Agenda For CCGCE’s Oct. 19, 2017 Meeting

The agenda for the October 2017 Board Meeting has been set for tonight’s meeting, starting at 6:00 pm at the Woodland Retirement Center, off the Yelm Highway. The Owner’s meeting starts at 6:00 pm. DOWNLOAD a WORD doc of this Agenda. (You will need a copy of MSWord to read this file.) DOWNLOAD a PDF document of this Agenda. (You…

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September 14, 2017 Agenda for CCGCE Board Meeting


The Board of Directors present their Sept. 14, 2017 Agenda: This Thursday at 6:00 pm, the Board of Directors will gather to discuss CCGCE’s business. The meeting will be held, as usual, at the Woodland Retirement Center. Woodland by Bonaventure 4532 Intelco Loop SE, Lacey, WA First Floor The first half hour is for member comments and questions. DOWNLOAD THE…

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COMING SOON: Capitol City Golf Club Estates Has New Signs and a New Max Speed Limit! 20 MPH! [August 29 2017]  This week Tom LaVack and Larry Dittloff will be installing the new Capitol City Golf Club Estates speed limit signs of 20 MPH. Once all of the signs are up the Association will forward a final Agreement to the…

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President Dittloff’s Notes for the August 2017 Board Meeting

President’s Report Note: Not official meeting minutes but rather my thoughts following the Board Meeting of August 17th. Members Present: Dittloff,  Greeley, Luke, Nuesca, Obie and Tremper Open Forum: A member requested that a recently approved parking variance to his property be made a permanent one for future owners of his real estate. The Ad Hoc CC &R and Bylaws…

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President’s Report after the Board Meeting July 20, 2017

President’s Report after the Board Meeting of July 20, 2017   Note: Not official Meeting Minutes but rather my thoughts following the Board Meeting of July 20, 2017 Other Trustees present: Lavack, Obie, Nuesca, Luke, and Tremper   Open Forum: One owner questioned why the Board had targeted an older home owner for leaving her garbage can on the street…

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JULY 20TH 2017 Capitol City Golf Club Estates

First Draft of Proposed 4th Amended CCRS and ByLaws for Capitol City Golf Club Estates

FIRST DRAFT: Proposed 4th Amended Declaration of Bylaws & CC&Rs

OFFICIAL FIRST DRAFT of The Fourth Amended Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions and Bylaws for CCGCE HOA MEMBER INPUT REQUESTED   President Dittloff emphasizes: These are both living documents and subject to change, input and comment. He expects more iterations to come. Please give your input! Members are free to comment at their Board Meeting Open Forums on July 20th, August 17th…

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Alert From VP Nuesca: Coyote Spotted On West Sarazen

Vice-President Darrelyn Nuesca has reported on Saturday July 15th: While I was out on my evening walk yesterday I received a second report from people who regularly walk the neighborhood that there was a sighting of a coyote near the water pumping station on West Sarazen. It is believed to be a female with pups. President Larry Dittloff wants us to…

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